Mission: Two weeks without Mom

Not many people understood. “I’m taking two weeks off from work in December,” I said. “Oh where are you going?” they asked. “Nowhere,” I replied. I was staying in Dubai and planned to spend these two weeks off looking after Karan while my parents went to India. It was hard as it was to get my Mom on the plane to be honest. “I’ll be more stressed out leaving you two!” she said to me. Go, I told her. I kept forcing her. Telling her that once she went, she’d have so much fun she’d want to leave us all the time.

Bear in mind my brother was born in February 1996, and this was the first time in nearly 16 years she has left him alone for more than a few hours. Nearly 16 years without a break. Let that sink in your brain before we move on.

She pleaded me not to tweet/blog about her trip while she was gone (because she didn’t want anyone to know it was just Karan and myself at home). So I didn’t. But I recorded my experience during those two weeks and now that she’s back, I’m going to post them as my insight into trying to truly be Karan’s primary caregiver, house-runner and general all-round superwoman (that’s her, not me…I was just trying!).


6 thoughts on “Mission: Two weeks without Mom

  1. So proud of you Dee! Hope Karan adjusted to his mom being away too. Please do write about her homecoming 🙂 Did he giver her a coy smile or was it a gigantic hug 🙂

  2. Thanks Mishti. Karan was quite upset the first few days but eventually got used to it, although he kept asking for her. Homecoming? Haha he’s still showing her how upset he is!Meris, thanks for popping by.Sheryn…yup two weeks. Very different from my normal lifestyle!Awww thanks Joce. And are you kidding, he’s very angry haha.

  3. Wow!! I am just speechless…. the way you write.. expressing sooooo much in just a few lines… (I dont know what to say now!! 🙂

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