Cats, autism and overcoming prejudices

Karan and the cat

So that’s Karan sitting on the doorstep of our house. That’s an abandoned cat. To cut a long story short (although if you want the long story, here it is), she was most likely left behind by her owners and she’s adopted our garage as her base.

If you’re wondering why we can’t keep her inside, click the link above about the long story! But essentially it’s because my parents won’t allow it.

One day, we were doing something in the garden so I brought Karan outside, and here they are, sitting next to each other, ignoring each other. I love this photo since it just shows how aloof both are. Yesterday, Karan and the cat (female, but I’ve named her Vader) were just staring at each other… Karan standing, with Vader at his feet looking up at him. It was really cute to see!

I’ve been reading stuff on the internet about how pets can help people with autism, but haven’t yet been able to convince my parents. One parent has an irrational dislike for cats, the other has an irrational dislike of all animals. But I’m trying to slowly chip away at them, because hey … what’s the harm in trying something else with Karan?