What to say and not say to a parent that has a child with Autism | Stuart Duncan

What to say and not say to a parent that has a child with Autism

Written on May 30, 2011 by Stuart Duncan

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I’ve written quite often about how having a child with Autism forces you to have far more patience than you ever thought you could have… but there are still limits. And even though your patience levels can seem limitless for your child, you may find that you don’t have the same tolerances when it comes to others or some of the ignorant things they say, whether innocently intended or not.

There are a few lists out there of things not to say to us parents, but this is more of a list of things not to say or else you may just push us beyond the breaking point. Don’t worry though, I’ll follow it up with some things that I think would actually be nice to say.

do not say

Do not say

  • Your kid just needs proper discipline
  • My kids would never get away with that
  • What made your kid autistic? Was it something you did?

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Really identify with this post, and I’m sure Mom will agree with me. We’ve been told some of those things many times and it really, really, really gets our goat. This is a great list of things you should and shouldn’t say to us, so pay attention!!!

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