Walk for #Autism, Dubai


The Walk for Autism took place at Za’abeel Park yesterday, April 30, 2011. Registrations opened at 4pm and the walk was meant to start at 5pm; Mom, Karan and I got there around 4:50pm because we knew that if Karan was made to wait around for too long, he’d get irritated. We registered and got our hands stamped so we could enter the park without paying the customary Dhs5 entry fee.


Then we faffed around with a few pics and clicks:


It was a few minutes past 5pm and we figured we should take Karan to the toilet. The perennial problem of disabled toilets being *inside* the male/female enclosure arose, but I walked into the female toilet, cleared my throat and told the women inside that my brother has autism and he cannot go to the toilet alone, so could I bring him in? Everyone said, yes of course and I quickly took him in.

When I came out, the walk had just started!


The walk is usually quite short. So we took two rounds instead of just the one. There were many people there, families, individuals, companies even. My placard got quite a bit of attention. I was asked about 4-5 times if I would allow a photograph taken of me and Karan together; I said yes. Video cameras also joined in; I was followed for a good few seconds by at least two videographers. Yay, more awareness!

After the walk, the base of the amphitheatre-like area was filled with stalls, and Dubai Drums was putting on a performance.


Karan was thirsty, natch 🙂


And we found Karan’s school, Manzil (for whom I might add, we’re collecting books next weekend, to donate to them for their fundraising booksale) had a stand at the walk too!


When we were leaving, Karan decided to plop down near the fountain and take a good and long look!


Thanks to all the organizers of the event, to the people who put up stalls and to everyone to attended. A lovely evening.

3 thoughts on “Walk for #Autism, Dubai

  1. I think I’ll push out the clip of you talking about the Manzil sale on Tuesday.

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