Would you stand up for a special needs person you didn’t know? via @AutisticHelper

I spotted this video yesterday on AutisticHelper.org (from Twitter, via @cookiemonster82) and started sniffling and shedding a few tears while watching.

Edit: The video seems to have been taken down, but you can view it here

Karan’s had to deal with similar verbal outbursts and non-verbal glances of disgust. And it’s not like he can respond, being non-verbal and blissfully unaware (as far as we can tell) of insulting looks/words that come his way. Mom and I usually blast whoever it is if they say something, and throw back equally dirty looks if we get those.

Would you speak up for a special needs person, or stay quiet like some of the people in this video who thought it wasn’t their place to get involved?

On my part, I’d urge people to get involved. It raises awareness and no one deserves to be treated with disrespect. No one.

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