I judge my friends by how they treat my little brother


It’s true. I do.

When I make new friends anywhere, it’s important for me to observe them when they meet Karan. Or if I mention he’s autistic, I want to see what they say. I’ve had a few people say they’re very sorry and I immediately think of ways to avoid them. I mean, I love Karan and I’m not sorry for who he is. Yes, it would’ve been easier for everyone – and even more so for him – if he wasn’t autistic…he would’ve led a fuller life, but his autism makes him who he is and I love him for all his quirks. Yes, even when he chewed my Lil Ms Chatterbox bookmark. And tore my t-shirts. And spat over my photo frames. Okay maybe I got a little mad. Moving on… 😉

It’s important for me to see how they behave around him, if they’re comfortable or not. Another indicator of this is whether they include him in conversations. I’ve had people pretend as if he wasn’t there – their logic I suppose was that he can’t understand us (or so they thought) so no point in talking TO him. People who talk to him…I appreciate them.

So yes…I judge YOU based on how you treat my little brother. Sue me.

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