Every where I go in UAE, I see a lot of nannies. I see them pushing the pram behind the woman of the house. I see them holding on to many children while the parents walk ahead. I see a lot of them.

We don’t have a nanny in our house. We don’t have help with dishes, clothes, cooking. We never did. And judging by my mother’s insistence, we never will, even though I sometimes wonder if we should.

So when I hear women complain about not having a nanny, I internally laugh.

I honestly don’t understand why women with “normal” children need nannies (unless they genuinely cannot take care of the child because of, for example, health reasons or other extenuating circumstances). I don’t understand why women need someone from outside to cook and clean.

I personally hate housework. I took care of things when I lived away from my parents because I had to. But even though I hate the concept of housework, I think because of seeing how my mother takes care of the house, cooks, cleans, looks after Karan … I would feel ashamed and a little embarassed, and perhaps even disgusted with myself if I ever had a nanny/help.

Note: If you have a nanny, good for you. If you don’t, congratulations on staying sane and surviving it. This is my personal opinion on the idea of having help around the house. I don’t judge you for having help; I just find it unnecessary in many cases. This is not India where everyone has a “servant”; though I find some people who have “servants” in India still do quite a lot of work around the house.


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